Prices for the construction of houses

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Prices for the construction of houses

The most difficult and the most interesting question. Difficult, because the majority of our customers and potential customers have no experience in construction, hence a simplistic approach. And what could be easier than to ask: “how much does a meter cost?” And what could be simpler than immediately to make a conclusion – here is expensive, and there is cheap!

Unfortunately, today, many companies use a bad way to lure customers. It looks like this.

At the restaurant or caf?, you are told that the French salad costs 10 000 rubles, but no mayonnaise, green peas and meat are there, and the work of chef is not included. Unfortunately, the pricing approach in the construction of houses is very similar to this example.

If you follow the market of construction of frame houses, then we should throw everything that is possible out of the value of the house, and only what is left should be kept not to lose the status of “house”, and to announce and advertise this minimum price of the semi-finished product to customers. Some firms go even further and deliberately, knowing that for 5000 nothing possible can be built, still give the price in the advertisement. The aim is just to bring the client into the office (if any). And only later you realize that this price is for a set of bare walls and a roof. But you thought that you found the best and cheapest contractor, and that you will have a finished house to live in.

Further, once the criteria for the product “house” is blurred beyond recognition, the comparison of the construction companies on this basis, in principle, is impossible: someone gives a price without a foundation, the others – with no electrical wiring, etc. Empirically, we derived several ranges of prices for frame houses, but we urge our potential customers not to rely on these numbers, do not try to consider this as a price list in order to make conclusions where it is expensive or cheap; and do not choose the cheapest option, because as a rule it is the most risky.

We offer fair and transparent price. We show the built houses (which have everything in) and say how much it costs.

Remember: you want to build your HOUSE.

We build timber frame houses throughout Belarus. In-house production.

Complete setDescriptionPrice per 1 sq.m. (materials and works included)
Basic*This solution is suitable for beginning the construction of small houses without insulation. The frame and roof system on a finished foundation.from 2.5 million
Standard*This solution is suitable for construction of residential houses with basic insulation. Foundation-monolith frame, roof, truss system, mounting, membrane, frame insulation 150 mm, OSB shell plating, roof-metal tile, installation of PVC windows, entrance door, facade- simulation of beam, water drainage system, sofit, floor insulation, finishing screed-ground floor and rough floor- first floor, air ductsfrom 3.6 million
Warm House*Warm house for permanent residence.Included: a complete set of "standard", communications: electrical, plumbing, heating; additional 50 mm. insulation of the facade. Construction with fine interior finishing.from 4.8 million
Premium*Ready warm house: fully turnkey, with the budget interior finishing.from 8 million

* All construction materials used in the construction of any frame house project are negotiated with the customer and are changed only according to his preferences.

A third of house - in installments within a year!

Up to 30% of the cost can be paid in installments within a year.

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