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At the present stage of development of the construction industry in the Republic of Belarus, certain types of work are regulated by the TNLA regulations (technical, normative and legal acts). Document that would systematize the production of works in the construction of timber frame housing for individual did not exist up to this point. Therefore, to meet increasing demands of the consumers and to bring them into a unified system of practices accumulated over the years on the frame housing market, MalanStroy became the first company that developed, together with the Republican Unitary Enterprise “StroyTechNorm,” a Standard Technological Chart for the construction of individual housing on the basis of the wooden frame. Now, each customer can be confident that the used components and solutions in the construction of his house have been repeatedly and laboriously counted, and only then they were allowed to be used. In fact, the document will be a typical manual for construction enterprises, specializing in the construction of such houses. And currently, during the construction of wooden frame houses, every customer has the right to require all construction companies to build according to the rules specified in the Technological Chart.

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About construction of a frame house.

The exploration, the project and the estimated part – these are three components from which construction begins and which can either last for years or can end up safely within a month. The right to make a choice of technology and material, anyway, remains with the customer today. Especially, when there are plenty of choices on the construction market. During the last few years relatively new to Belarus directions have actively entered into the fight for the customer, including the technology of frame construction of wooden designs.

In practice and as a example we can consider MalanStroy specializing in the construction of wooden frame houses to show how things work: it normally takes two to four days for our specialists to conduct: a) an exploration — analysis of soil composition and bearing capacity, presence of groundwater, b) a survey – analysis of the topography of the site and the determination of bindings. Preparation of the project and the estimated part can take one to three weeks of tedious work, depending on the wishes of our clients and, as a consequence, the complexity of the object.

If you choose, professionally speaking, a model project, which is already counted, – a couple of days will be sufficient to accommodate all requests and make future house comfortable for you and your family. The complexity of project, of course, can be time affected, but, as practice shows, is not addictive. On average, the construction of timber frame house takes 2-3,5 months This housing will be with all the amenities, turnkey and fine finish.

If you select a project and you can surprise the architect, engineers and other specialists, implementing all the ideas and thoughts will take a little more time. Work on the construction site of the frame house is conducted at any time of the year. The only thing is that the foundation has to be finished until frost and slush. In our case, this is brown-stuffed piles with the installation of low-depth tape foundation. The load bearing capacity of the foundation depends on the quality of concrete, which piles are filled with, soil strength on which it is installed and some other indicators, which are calculated before the beginning of construction. Moreover, the weight of the future structure directly depends on the number of piles. Thus, we can assume that the foundation is the first thing on what you can save in the construction of a frame house.

The next phase of construction takes about a month of work, in the time frame. For the erection of a skeleton, wood of coniferous breeds of trees is used. Cross-section beams are of 50 mm to 150 mm. You do not need to worry about the strength of load-bearing structures, in frame house construction it is not due to the thickness of the material. Assembling technology – here is what you should pay attention to. Each of the elements, whether it is rack, window bolt or angle mate – everything in the building is calculated on dozens of parameters.

Engineering network in the frame house is a little different from our usual communications in rented houses in operation. Water, sewage, heating, electricity.

Sewer pipes in most cases – reinforced polypropylene. For heating system-reinforced plastic or stitched, i.e. more durable and resistant to high temperatures polyethylene. This is a good compromise of quality and price, which is now offered by many construction companies.

Wiring – metal hose, wiring accessories— everything is installed so that they do not directly touch the wood anywhere. Thereby, we strictly observe existing regulations and make the firefighters be happy.

The frame construction is insulated with 150 mm mineral wool, ventilated facade, imitation of timber (for example) and 50 mm additional insulation of the walls on the facade.

The real standard thickness of insulation in timber frame house is 150 mm Additional insulation – 50 mm. From inside, the walls around the perimeter of the building are filled with Rockwool (mineral wool) and are covered with vapor-insulation membrane. It prevents insulation from excess moisture and thus, it keeps all its technical characteristics.

Though in the construction of houses, we use standardized type and size, it does not mean that we limit our customers in the freedom of planning. That is a flight of fantasy. It can be infinitely tall and handsome. If the customer wishes, we can supply any design and ensure its reliability.

When installing on concrete bases we use steel structures, which prevent the penetration of capillary moisture into the wood, thus it increases the term of its operation. Vapor-insulation is inside. Waterproofing is outside. Waterproofing can be a waterproofing windproof film, superdiffusion.

To protect the house from excess moisture, light plaster constructions as well as ventilated facade can be also used.

Internal and external furnish of house, bath, garage or outhouse is fully at the customer’s decision. If you wish, and, most importantly, with unlimited financial possibilities, you can implement the most incredible idea. Whether it is going to be a time-tested combination of gypsum and wallpaper or you decorate your walls with Venetian plaster, it depends only on You.

Our company is customer-oriented. We are trying to save money of the customer. At the same time, to provide the service that he would get. Local materials, small resource consumption – this all leads to a decrease in the cost of construction.

Unfortunately, on the company website it is impossible to describe everything about building a timber frame house. Each customer has his/her own wishes and ideas. For more detailed information about the technology of the construction of the frame house of Malan Stroy, please, call the company, or visit our office for a consultation.

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