Order construction of frame house


For many years, Malan Stroy Ltd. operates in the construction market of Russia, Europe and the Republic of Belarus. Having begun its manufacturing and construction activities in the year 2009 as a construction company carrying out the functions of general contractor. Today, Malan Stroy Ltd. is a multi-profile construction company capable to realize projects of any complexity within the period required by customer, providing the necessary guarantees.

We gradually widen the scope of our activities, business and geography. Our partners consistently point out convenience and ease of collaboration with Malan Stroy Ltd. This is accomplished by an integrated approach to the implementation of the construction project, the highest level of quality of carried out works and advanced technologies in construction and management, which are used by us in the process of work.

Today, concluding a contract with our company, a customer can get a full range of construction works. First of all, it is realization of projects of any complexity in the frame construction. The whole work cycle is performed exclusively by Malan Stroy Ltd. without the involvement of contractors. The company obtained the attestation and received the certificates for all types of construction works. All this allows us to professionally run all parts of the process of the implementation of construction project, from the design and survey works to commissioning into operation.

Our commitment to adhere to international best practices in the industry of frame and wooden construction allowed Malan Stroy Ltd. to become one of the first construction companies in the Republic of Belarus.

In the construction market of Belarus, our company one of the first has applied a system of individual project management. For a certain task, taking into account characteristics of the object, a working group of specialists is formed to exercise operational control and this group is fully responsible for the whole cycle of works on the production site. This allows any project to have a team of experts adequate to the tasks set by the customer.

Today, Malan Stroy Ltd.is confident in the future. We have created a good base for further progress. The strategic objective for the coming years is actively working as a contractor at the individual construction sites.

The style, methods and quality work made our company a reputation as a stable and successful organization operating on a high level of civilized construction business. We are confident that any customer that has requirements for quality and integrated construction services in the frame and wooden construction will acquire a competent and reliable contractor in the face of Malan Stroy Ltd.

Being one of the industry leaders and realizing the extent of our responsibility to society, we apply all our strength, knowledge and experience to the results of our efforts to become a model of high-quality execution of commitments. We guarantee quality, reliability and durability of the houses built by us. More than 300 families were convinced of the integrity and competence of Malan Stroy Ltd.

Malan Stroy Ltd. is one of the most reliable construction companies in the Republic of Belarus. This is confirmed by our reputation and our houses. We invite everyone on a tour of the finished sites and those under construction.

Dreams come true. Build with us for centuries.
Director Of Malan Stroy Ltd. Malyshko A.