Modular mounting of buildings

Order construction of frame house

Modular mounting of buildings allows to realize a construction of a wide variety of facilities – starting with a parking lot up to a residential house. Ready-made volumetric unit in a cover is delivered from manufacture to the construction site where it is unloaded and connected with the other blocks. Installation takes a few hours.
It remains to do joint finishing and engineering systems mounting. Sometimes construction on this technology is better to perform of a separate frame elements right on the construction site instead of prepared units. In this case you save on shipping, because separate elements are easier to lay out than assembled frameworks.
For a complete understanding what is modular building let’s compare it with a common design set. The principle is the same. It is possible to mount, demount, transport and reassemble modular house at a new place. Wherein reassembly will not affect the quality of the construction and will not reduce the life period. Modular building – is a mobile building.
Modular building technology allows to erect buildings of various layouts, size and functional purpose. Lightweight modules help to reduce costs, because there is no need to rent specialized machines for structure installation.
For a one-storey house it is just required to place a few blocks and connect them with each other. Such simple and highly economic way is popular in most countries over Europe and the world, as it’s reliable, quick and inexpensive. Construction of two-storey houses takes a little more time but will never be compared with the capital building timing.
The modular house price starts from 400 euro per square meter of total area.
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